Youth & Adult Piano/Keyboard Private Instruction


Piano Lessons 30 Minute Private Piano Instruction

Learn at your own pace in a relaxed atmosphere!  This is a 6 week course for new or continuing students that is perfect for those of you with access to either a keyboard or a piano.  Your appointment each week will be 30 minutes of one-on-one attention, using an electric keyboard. Choose either Monday or Wednesday afternoons.  

Instructor Jean Miell has over 25 years of teaching experience in the Puget Sound area.  She offers private 30 minute lessons on an electric keyboard at Lake Wilderness Lodge.  These classes are perfect for children or adults.  Lessons are available Monday or Wednesday afternoons by appointment only.  

To register, first call the instructor at (253) 335-3656.  When assigned a date and time, then please call Maple Valley Parks & Recreation at (425) 432-9953 and finish the registration process. Mid-quarter enrollment is allowed per instructor approval and the fee will be prorated at the rate of $25 per class.  One make up lesson is available on Wednesday, May 31 for prearranged absences.  
All lessons held at the Lake Wilderness Lodge.

 Ages  Weekday  Dates  Time  Fee
 8-99  Mon  4/17-5/22  Please Call
 8-99  Wed  4/19-5/24  Please Call


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